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Spring Into Summer Challenge

Spring Into Summer Challenge

4 Seasons

Our all NEW “Spring Into Summer Online Challenge” is here!

Need to “glow up” your workout routine? Get ready to switch it up and re-energise with our exciting "Spring into Summer" Pilates Challenge. It's time to fire up your fitness journey and embrace the warmer seasons with a stronger, more balanced you!

You'll have 24/7 unlimited access to fresh, invigorating Pilates workouts straight from any device thanks to our web-based platform as well as our FREE Apple mobile app, available to all members. Enjoy a perfect blend of classic moves and innovative techniques designed to sculpt, tone and renew from head to toe!
Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts with Pilates By Lisa Facebook Forum. Share your journey, celebrate your milestones and draw inspiration from the collective strength around you!

All members will also receive the FREE Spring Into Summer Interactive eBook to accompany your journey, with a complete workout schedule, bonus moves, articles, interactive goal setting and motivational tools and so much more!

So, why wait? Let's make this Summer all about your wellness journey! Jump into action and Spring into Summer with our Online Pilates Challenge. Start your transformation today and get ready to feel the difference tomorrow!

Spring Into Summer Challenge
  • Spring Into Summer Sculpted Arms

    Episode 1

    Today we'll be working with our 1kg or 2lb hand weights to really strengthen, tone and sculpt the entire upper body. Let's get started!

  • Badlands Butt

    Episode 2

    This is a workout I do regularly when we're on the road. It's simple, it's compact but it really gets effective results for lifting, toning and strengthening your butt!

  • Spring Into Summer Core Strength

    Episode 3

    We will be using variations of traditional Pilates movements to strengthen, tone and define the entire core so you can spring into Summer with a Powerhouse to die for!

  • Kickstart Your Day

    Episode 4

    This is for those mornings where you need that energy boost to kickstart your day and get off to the best start possible!
    Join me for an energising stretching routine that will make you feel incredible and ready to tackle your day!

  • Spring Into Summer Shapely Legs

    Episode 5

    We filmed this workout in beautiful Arches National Park in Utah. This workout is part of your Spring into Summer Series. It's going to tighten, tone and define your entire lower body so you're ready for Summer!

  • Everyday Essentials: Classic Abs

    Episode 6

    This is THE go-to workout if you only have a short amount time to spare and you want a comprehensive Pilates workout that is going to target the entire core, strengthen the Powerhouse and give you a great traditional Pilates workout!

  • Spring Into Summer Abs

    Episode 7

    This is the perfect workout to tone and define your midsection so you feel confident hitting the beach this season! I know you are going to love this one, I could feel the burn from start to finish!

  • Everyday Essentials: Arm Weights

    Episode 8

    This is my favourite go-to upper body workout when I am short on time and I REALLY want to feel the burn with the 1 kg hand weights! All you need are your weights and your mat.

  • Spring Into Summer Back, Butt & Triceps

    Episode 9

    This week we're coming to you from Lake Louise in beautiful Banff, Canada. This workout will tighten, tone and define your entire back, arms and lower body!

  • Adore Your Core: Lower Abs Workout

    Episode 10

    This workout focuses on the transverse abdominals, the deep stabilising muscles that help to stabilise the pelvis, strengthen the entire powerhouse and support the entire spine! You will also dramatically strengthen the pelvic floor by learning how to engage and strengthen this small but mighty g...

  • Spring Into Summer Back and Arms

    Episode 11

    The Spring Into Summer Series is all about getting your body Summer ready. A big part of that is having a beautiful back and toned arms.
    Enjoy working out with me this week in the majestic Badlands National Park in South Dakota!

  • Sculpt And Firm Leg Workout

    Episode 12

    In this incredible workout, we will be working in four-point kneeling and side-lying positions to completely sculpt, firm and tone the entire lower body. We will be focusing on the glutes and hamstrings, the outer thighs and honing in on those ever-elusive inner thighs too!

  • Spring Into Summer Posture & Poise

    Episode 13

    In this workout we will be working with the ever-so-versatile resistance band to strengthen and tone every inch of the muscles throughout the posterior chain. We will be working deep into the postural muscles, including the glutes, hamstrings and back extensors to completely transform that postur...

  • Just Five Minutes More Stretch

    Episode 14

    I designed this stretching routine so that you can add just five minutes more to ANY workout without having to commit to a full 20-30 minute stretching routine.
    It's the perfect way to warm up or wind down any Pilates workout to improve your flexibility, muscle tone and also your technique. It's ...