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FREE Workouts

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Get the ultimate introduction to the Pilates by Lisa Online Studio with these FREE workouts! Experience the power of Pilates By Lisa, you'll feel amazing!
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FREE Workouts
  • Pilates By Lisa Online Pilates Workouts

  • Stress Free Stretch Routine

    This is the ultimate Pilates stretching class to help melt away stress, relieve tension from the body and relax every muscle. You will walk away from the class feeling light, open and simply amazing!

  • Fit And Focused Core Workout

    This core workout is specifically designed to strengthen, tone and define every element of the Powerhouse! Using powerful, slow, controlled movements will give the muscles the time under tension they need to strengthen and get sculpted!

  • Daily Dose Reformer Workout

    This is a quick, simple and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE daily workout! This can be your daily go-to routine if you are short on time and you want a workout that gets results.
    This is my personal favourite that I turn to when I have busy days and I really want to get the job done!

  • Spring Into Summer Side Slimmer Workout

    In this incredible workout we will be working and transforming the sides of the body, namely the obliques, outer thighs and glutes to strengthen, tone and define the entire silhouette of the body!