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FREE Workouts

FREE Workouts

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Get the ultimate introduction to the Pilates by Lisa Online Studio with these FREE workouts! Experience the power of Pilates By Lisa, you'll feel amazing!
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FREE Workouts
  • Just Five Minutes More Stretch

    I designed this stretching routine so that you can add just five minutes more to ANY workout without having to commit to a full 20-30 minute stretching routine.
    It's the perfect way to warm up or wind down any Pilates workout to improve your flexibility, muscle tone and also your technique. It's ...

  • Just Five Minutes More Leg Workout

    This is the ideal workout for days when you need a quick leg fix. This is the perfect addition to any of our workouts if you want just that little bit of extra booty sculpting without having to commit to a full routine!

  • Just Five Minutes More Arms With Weights

    This has been a highly requested workout! I know how much you all LOVE the “Just Five Minutes More” series, and this session will not disappoint!
    Today we will be adding the resistance with 1 kg hand weights, burning it up and firming it up! Let’s make it right through just five minutes together,...