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PBL Super Challenge

PBL Super Challenge

3 Seasons

Welcome to 21 days of workouts and bonus moves that will get you feeling strong AND amazing!

We've combined our members' favourite Challenges to bring you the best of the best, the PBL Super Challenge. Every member gets THREE FREE personal copies of the Super Challenge interactive eBooks to download and keep forever! Each Week has a brand new schedule and downloadable eBook, you can start your first week right now!

Every week you will find the workouts set out with the daily main workout followed by the corresponding bonus workout. This means the playlist will automatically play the bonus workout after you complete your main workout. For a detailed schedule, please refer to your weekly eBook.

I'm excited to join you all for this Program that you can repeat as often as you like, it's going to be SUPER and it's included in your membership!

PBL Super Challenge
  • PBL Super Challenge 2023

    Episode 1


    The best of the best in one effective challenge.

  • Super Challenge 2023 Interactive Week Two eBook

    15.7 MB

  • Booty Band Complete Body Workout

    Episode 2

    In this workout we are using the PBL Booty Band to work the ENTIRE body! The booty band isn't just exclusive to working the booty, we are going to be working through the abdominals, the entire upper body and of course the legs for an effective, FUN workout!

  • Glow Arms With Weights

    Episode 3

    For this workout, we will be incorporating hand weights to really enhance the resistance, turn up the burn and see results! You can choose to sit however you like, or you can even stand! I am using 0.5 kg weights, but you can use up to 1 kg for an extra challenge!

  • Amazing Arms Shoulder Sculpt Workout

    Episode 4

    This workout incorporates 1 kg hand weights to shape, sculpt and tone throughout the entire shoulder area. Not only will this improve posture and stability of the shoulder joint, but it will also increase muscle definition!

  • Adore Your Core: Complete Core

    Episode 5

    This is a fun, challenging routine that targets every area of the Powerhouse! We will be moving through every possible plane of motion to sculpt and strengthen the entire core!

  • Love Your Legs Amplified: Band Blast

    Episode 6

    This workout incorporates the booty band to shred, tone, lengthen and define the legs! We will be moving through every possible range of motion to target and tone every inch of the lower body.

  • Adore Your Core: Stretch

    Episode 7

    This workout is a complete body stretch, particularly focusing on spinal mobility and stretching out the abdominal muscles!

  • Booty Band Glute Workout

    Episode 8

    In this workout we are using the PBL Booty Band to really hone in and focus on...the booty! We will be building strength, stamina and support by not only focusing on muscle tone and endurance, but also on building stability around the hip, knee, pelvis and spine.

  • Glow Obliques

    Episode 9

    This 5-minute workout hones in on the sides of the body, targeting and toning the internal and external obliques! This is en excellent way to work the deep muscles of the core efficiently and effectively, all you need is five minutes!

  • Butt Booster

    Episode 10

    An effective, challenging routine that targets the glutes to sculpt and tone!

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Hip Stretch

    Episode 11

    It’s so important to give the hips and particularly the Psoas (the hip flexor muscle) the attention they so desperately need!
    Regardless of whether you have an office job and you spend hours sitting at your desk, or you are extremely active with cycling, hiking, running etc. it is inevitable that...

  • Amazing Arms Total Toning

    Episode 12

    In this workout we are going to be sculpting the chest, triceps, back, biceps and shoulders to increase overall definition and strength.

  • Love Your Legs Amplified: Sculpt & Shred

    Episode 13

    Today's workout will incorporate 1 kg ankle weights to sculpt and shred the entire lower body! We will be working on the glutes and hamstrings and sculpting and toning the inner and outer thighs!

  • Inner Thigh Booster

    Episode 14

    Tone and define the entire midline. This workout will also strengthen the knee joint!

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Rotation

    Episode 15

    Pilates is so much more than abdominal exercises that involve heavy flexion of the spine. A well rounded Pilates workout incorporates flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation in order to create a healthy, flexible spine. Rotation is such a crucial aspect of the Pilates method as it streng...