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PBL Super Challenge

PBL Super Challenge

3 Seasons

Welcome to 21 days of workouts and bonus moves that will get you feeling strong AND amazing!

We've combined our members' favourite Challenges to bring you the best of the best, the PBL Super Challenge. Every member gets THREE FREE personal copies of the Super Challenge interactive eBooks to download and keep forever! Each Week has a brand new schedule and downloadable eBook, you can start your first week right now!

Every week you will find the workouts set out with the daily main workout followed by the corresponding bonus workout. This means the playlist will automatically play the bonus workout after you complete your main workout. For a detailed schedule, please refer to your weekly eBook.

I'm excited to join you all for this Program that you can repeat as often as you like, it's going to be SUPER and it's included in your membership!

PBL Super Challenge
  • PBL Super Challenge 2023

    Episode 1


    The best of the best in one effective challenge.

  • Super Challenge 2023 Interactive eBook Week 3

    16.1 MB

  • Adore Your Core: Circuit

    Episode 2

    In this workout we will be performing a circuit of Pilates exercises to target and tone the entire Powerhouse. This is an intense workout and you are going to absolutely LOVE the fire you feel in that core! All you need is your mat, let's get started!

  • Fabric Band Leg Workout

    Episode 3

    In this workout we are using the PBL Fabric Resistance Band to strengthen and sculpt the entire lower body. These exercises are so much fun, and they are made even more effective with the resistance band! We will be going from a challenging standing segment all the way down to the mat, get ready ...

  • Love Your Legs Amplified: Total Tone

    Episode 4

    In this workout we will be working with ankle weights to totally tone the lower body. We will be working on the inner thighs, sculpting and toning the outer thighs, lifting and lengthening the glutes, and hamstrings to tone and define the entire lower body!

  • Glow Back

    Episode 5

    For this workout, we will be lying in a prone position the entire time to strengthen, tone and define the back extensors. This will improve posture, ease back pain and balance your core strength. Grab some cushioning (e.g. a folded towel) if you have sensitive hips and let's get started!

  • Amazing Arms Chest & Tricep Chisel

    Episode 6

    This workout focuses on strengthening and toning through the triceps and pectorial muscles to create beautiful posture and sculpt and tone the upper body.

  • Fabric Band Glute Workout

    Episode 7

    In this workout we are hitting the mat for the entire duration of the class to target and tone the glutes! These exercises are STRONG, challenging and fun, you are going to absolutely love the burn you feel with the PBL fabric band!

  • Love Your Legs Amplified: Glutes & Hamstrings

    Episode 8

    In today's workout, we will be utilising 1 kg (2 lb) ankle weights to dramatically strengthen and tone the gluteals and hamstrings. This workout will sculpt, lengthen and define the entire lower body!

  • Amazing Arms Back & Bicep Blitz

    Episode 9

    This workout utilises the resistance band to sculpt and tone the entire posterior chain, particularly through the mid back, We will be also chiseling and reshaping the biceps with challenging, dynamic moves.

  • Glow Legs With Band

    Episode 10

    In this workout, we will be performing my favourite side-lying moves with the booty band! These exercises strengthen the glute medius muscle, promoting pelvic stability, hip joint health and lower back strength. You can also perform all of these exercises without the band, they are still very eff...

  • Flexibility Booster

    Episode 11

    A combination of standing and seated stretches to
    lengthen the entire body!

  • Definition Booster

    Episode 12

    The added resistance of weights will tone and define
    the entire leg! This workout is an AMAZING leg booster!

  • Ultimate Flexibility Hamstring Routine

    Episode 13

    Flexible hamstrings are absolutely essential for overall fitness, athletic ability and progression in the Pilates method. This 25 minute workout is designed to strengthen and stretch the hamstrings so you can gain strong, limber legs that will prevent injuries and improve your range of motion.

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Neck Routine

    Episode 14

    In today's day and age we are constantly chained to our desks and computers, so it's no wonder neck pain is so prevalent! If you suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain, these stretches will not only help to eliminate your pain, but also prevent it coming back for good!
    This is the perfect stret...

  • Adore Your Core: Classic Core

    Episode 15

    Today we will be going through the traditional sequence in order to ensure you are getting the ULTIMATE Pilates workout that defines and engages the entire Powerhouse.