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Summer H.E.A.T. Challenge

Summer H.E.A.T. Challenge

3 Seasons

Take your workouts to a whole new dynamic level!

Follow along with the weekly schedules, each week features the daily H.E.A.T. workout including our all NEW videos, followed by its corresponding bonus workout for convenience. For the full workout schedule, please download your free challenge eBook (available in the challenge materials on the commencement of the challenge).

The H.E.A.T workouts are unique, effective and challenging, High Energy Athletic Training fused with the PBL method. The difference with these workouts is that they are low impact, functional and achievable. No squats, no lunges and definitely no burpees, just incredibly effective, high-energy PBL mat work with an athletic twist!

These powerful, athletic Pilates workouts will build strength, tone and allow you to pursue your fitness goals. Are you ready for high energy, low impact interval training? Then let's go!

The best part? It's all included in your membership!

I can't wait to see you on the mat!

Summer H.E.A.T. Challenge
  • HEAT Long Band Core & Ankle Weight Seated Arms

    Episode 1

    Welcome to this 20-minute Pilates HEAT workout video! This workout is designed to tone your muscles and build strength using the PBL long resistance band and weights. Strengthen the core, improve posture, and increase your flexibility with this amazing session.
    Before we begin, make sure you hav...

  • Long And Limber

    Episode 2

    Feel long, limber, strong and streamlined with this fantastic 15 minute Pilates workout to stretch, elongate and rejuvenate the entire body. Flush toxins from your body, improve your posture and create the perfect Pilates Silhouette. Great for all levels!

  • H.E.A.T Magic Circle Upper Body

    Episode 3

  • Balance And Strength Leg Workout

    Episode 4

    This workout is a fantastic combination of strengthening and balanced moves to really give you extra results!

  • H.E.A.T. Ankle Weight Glutes

    Episode 5

  • The Arm Sculptor

    Episode 6

    Just as the title suggests, this workout is going to sculpt, tone and define through the entire upper body! We will be working deeply into the shoulders, the chest, biceps, triceps and those all important postural muscles to sculpt that upper body to perfection!

  • H.E.A.T. Abdominal Magic Circle Workout

    Episode 7

    This incredible H.E.A.T. session is guaranteed to fire up that core! In this comprehensive abdominal routine we will be working through an effective, challenging sequence. This is comprised of traditional movements fused with an athletic challenge, powerful oblique work, glute strength and finish...

  • Amazing Arm Defining Workout

    Episode 8

    This incredible, upper body toning workout requires no equipment at all, perfect for when you are travelling or on the go and need a quick, effective upper body blast! Strengthen and define the triceps, biceps, chest, back and shoulders with this fun, challenging workout. It’s tough, but it works!

  • HEAT Booty Band Upper Body & Ankle Weight Side Lying Workout

    Episode 9

    Ignite your workout with our HEAT Upper Body Band and Side Lying Leg Ankle Weight Pilates routine! Feel the burn as the booty band intensifies each movement, sculpting your arms and shoulders. Then, shift to our ankle weight side-lying leg series, where every lift and pulse is designed to tone an...

  • Recovery Stretch Workout

    Episode 10

    This is a fantastic lengthening stretch routine that will accompany any of our workout videos to soothe aching muscles, increase lean muscle and dramatically improve your flexibility!

    Pair this up with a long, gruelling session to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout!

  • HEAT Booty Band Legs Circle Abs

    Episode 11

    The Pilates By Lisa HEAT Magic Circle Abs and Booty Band 20-minute workout is an incredible hybrid workout of core strengthening and lower body sculpting exercises designed for all fitness levels. This efficient session not only builds strength and improves posture but also connects your mind and...

  • Toned in 10 Series Butt & Thighs

    Episode 12

    I am so excited to bring you the “Toned In Ten” Series. These short, challenging workouts target specific areas to tone, sculpt and define when you’re short on time! The first workout focuses on your butt and thighs, I LOVE to do this workouts when I’m pressed for time but want to get maximum re...

  • H.E.A.T. Complete Body Stretch

    Episode 13

    This soothing, relaxing mobility workout is everything you need to maintain superior flexibility. In this session we will be focussing on shoulder mobility, moving the spine through every possible range of motion, hamstring flexibility and finishing with effective, unique stretches for the hip an...

  • Toned in 10 Upper Body

    Episode 14

    Take ten and create a lean, defined, sculpted upper body! No equipment is required for this workout, we will be creating strong arms, toned backs and lifted chests with just our own body weight! You will be amazed at how effective this workout is with regular practice. Get started today!