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Spring Into Summer Challenge

Spring Into Summer Challenge

4 Seasons

Our all NEW “Spring Into Summer Online Challenge” is here!

Need to “glow up” your workout routine? Get ready to switch it up and re-energise with our exciting "Spring into Summer" Pilates Challenge. It's time to fire up your fitness journey and embrace the warmer seasons with a stronger, more balanced you!

You'll have 24/7 unlimited access to fresh, invigorating Pilates workouts straight from any device thanks to our web-based platform as well as our FREE Apple mobile app, available to all members. Enjoy a perfect blend of classic moves and innovative techniques designed to sculpt, tone and renew from head to toe!
Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts with Pilates By Lisa Facebook Forum. Share your journey, celebrate your milestones and draw inspiration from the collective strength around you!

All members will also receive the FREE Spring Into Summer Interactive eBook to accompany your journey, with a complete workout schedule, bonus moves, articles, interactive goal setting and motivational tools and so much more!

So, why wait? Let's make this Summer all about your wellness journey! Jump into action and Spring into Summer with our Online Pilates Challenge. Start your transformation today and get ready to feel the difference tomorrow!

Spring Into Summer Challenge
  • Spring Into Summer Ab Burner

    Episode 1

    This new addition to the Spring Into Summer Program is filmed in Arches National Park in front of the ancient petrified dunes! This workout is a new favourite of mine, it is going to tighten, tone and firm your entire mid section for Summer!

  • Just Five Minutes More Leg Workout

    Episode 2

    This is the ideal workout for days when you need a quick leg fix. This is the perfect addition to any of our workouts if you want just that little bit of extra booty sculpting without having to commit to a full routine!

  • Spring Into Summer Stretch & Flow

    Episode 3

    This routine works every single area of the body with some unique twists on some of our traditional moves to really lengthen out every area! All you'll need is your mat!

  • Rapid Results Workout

    Episode 4

    This workout is the best way to fast track your results!
    This challenging 15 minute session covers all of your bases: a strong core segment, challenging lower body moves and upper body sculptors!
    Maximum results in minimum time, it does fly when you're having fun!

  • Spring Into Summer Legs With Band

    Episode 5

    After Winter we all need a little bit of extra help kicking our fitness routine back into full throttle, and this is the PERFECT routine to do that!
    The addition of the resistance band to this workout gives it a little bit of extra spice and it’s guaranteed to get that butt back into gear!

  • Poise & Strength Arm Workout

    Episode 6

    This workout was filmed in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania at the Carlton River. In this workout we are using the resistance band to sculpt, tone and define the upper body, create beautiful poise and posture and also ensure you stand taller and prouder than ever!

  • Beach Baby Workout

    Episode 7

    This is a full body routine with five different exercises, fifteen repetitions of each exercise for three rounds!
    It's fun, flowing and seamless, getting straight down to business!

  • Central Park Stretch

    Episode 8

    We are in the beautiful Central Park in New York City working on our flexibility, strength and control! This workout is going to lengthen your body, improve your mobility and increase your muscle definition.

  • Spring Into Summer Core Heat

    Episode 9

    In this workout we will be firing up your midsection, sculpting, toning and defining the Powerhouse! Seamless transitions and challenging moves will have you feeling the heat right to the core!

  • Butt Blaster Workout

    Episode 10

    This is a short, sharp and sweet workout that you can do lying in a prone position the entire way through to lift, tone and sculpt your butt!

  • Spring into Summer Leg Fix

    Episode 11

    This is the ultimate leg workout to shape, sculpt and tone your legs! Feel confident hitting the sand this Summer with this workout that focuses on the glutes, hamstrings, hips, inner and outer thighs. Get ready for a burning leg fix!

  • New You Amazing Arms

    Episode 12

    Today we’ll be working with the resistance band performing fun and unique moves to really challenge the upper body, strengthen, sculpt and tone every single muscle and give you beautiful posture! All you’ll need is your mat and your resistance band!

  • Spring Into Summer Soothing Stretch

    Episode 13

    In this workout we are going to unwind, relax and rejuvenate together! These soothing, restorative and feel-good stretches will lengthen out and invigorate our muscles after all of the hard work we've been doing so far. You deserve it!

  • Just Five Minutes More Legs With Band Routine

    Episode 14

    We only have five minutes to really sculpt, tone, burn and firm the lower body, so we need to make the most of it! This workout is the ULTIMATE short and sharp lower body routine that's great on it's own or as a booster with any of our other workout videos!