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Spring Into Summer Challenge

Spring Into Summer Challenge

4 Seasons

Our all NEW “Spring Into Summer Online Challenge” is here!

Need to “glow up” your workout routine? Get ready to switch it up and re-energise with our exciting "Spring into Summer" Pilates Challenge. It's time to fire up your fitness journey and embrace the warmer seasons with a stronger, more balanced you!

You'll have 24/7 unlimited access to fresh, invigorating Pilates workouts straight from any device thanks to our web-based platform as well as our FREE Apple mobile app, available to all members. Enjoy a perfect blend of classic moves and innovative techniques designed to sculpt, tone and renew from head to toe!
Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts with Pilates By Lisa Facebook Forum. Share your journey, celebrate your milestones and draw inspiration from the collective strength around you!

All members will also receive the FREE Spring Into Summer Interactive eBook to accompany your journey, with a complete workout schedule, bonus moves, articles, interactive goal setting and motivational tools and so much more!

So, why wait? Let's make this Summer all about your wellness journey! Jump into action and Spring into Summer with our Online Pilates Challenge. Start your transformation today and get ready to feel the difference tomorrow!

Spring Into Summer Challenge
  • Spring Into Summer Online Challenge

    Episode 1

    Our all NEW “Spring Into Summer Online Challenge” is here!

    Need to “glow up” your workout routine? Get ready to switch it up and re-energise with our exciting "Spring into Summer" Pilates Challenge. It's time to fire up your fitness journey and embrace the warmer seasons with a stronger, more ba...

  • Spring Into Summer 2023 Challenge eBook

    14.4 MB

    Welcome to the Spring Into Summer Challenge! Here you will find your personal copy of the FREE challenge eBook that will take results to the next level. Along with your daily bonus moves, the eBook also includes the entire 28 day challenge schedule, motivational tools, articles, tips, and the BES...

  • Spring Into Summer Leg Sculpt

    Episode 2

    This is the ultimate routine to sculpt, tone and define your lower body and get you ready for Summer! The ultimate way to Spring Into Summer with your toned Pilates pins!

  • Everyday Essentials: Back And Upper Body

    Episode 3

    This is an incredible short and sharp workout that is guaranteed to strengthen the back extensors, work the entire posterior chain, improve your posture and have you standing taller than ever before! An amazing workout for when you're short on time but still want a comprehensive, effective workou...

  • Spring Into Summer Posture Plus

    Episode 4

    This workout is designed to specifically target the muscles that bring us into our beautiful, graceful, upright posture!
    We will be focusing on the core, the back extensors, shoulders and the mid back to ensure you stand tall and proud for Summer!

  • Fast & Firm Butt Workout

    Episode 5

    This is a side lying routine that is going to hone in and target the lower body, particularly the glute medius. This workout will lift, firm, sculpt and tone your butt, outer thighs and hamstrings!

  • Spring Into Summer Defined Arms

    Episode 6

    Today we will be working with the resistance band, performing unique and challenging moves to completely re-define, strengthen, tone and sculpt the entire upper body! The band also assists in realigning, lengthening and strengthening the spine so you stand taller than ever before!

  • No Frills Workout

    Episode 7

    This is a short and sharp full body workout for those days when you just don't have time but you still want a really thorough Pilates workout. All you'll need is your mat!

  • Spring Into Summer Core With More

    Episode 8

    In this workout we will be performing dynamic, challenging exercises to not only strengthen and tone the entire Powerhouse, but we will also be working on the glutes, the outer thighs, the back extensors, hamstrings and so much more!

  • Complete New You Circuit Round 2

    Episode 9

    After much demand here is your second installment of the “Complete New You” Pilates circuits! This heart-pumping, leg-slimming, abdominal-toning, arm-sculpting workout is guaranteed to get amazing results! It’s fast-paced and challenging but also adaptable for all levels from complete beginners t...

  • Spring Into Summer Standing Routine

    Episode 10

    This workout takes traditional Pilates moves and brings them into an upright position, giving you the perfect combination of strength, stamina, stability and muscle tone!

  • Graceful Flow Stretching Routine

    Episode 11

    We will be using fluid, flowing and seamless technique and form in this workout to stretch and lengthen the entire body from head to toe!

  • Spring Into Summer Side Slimmer Workout

    Episode 12

    In this incredible workout we will be working and transforming the sides of the body, namely the obliques, outer thighs and glutes to strengthen, tone and define the entire silhouette of the body!

  • Strong and Defined Core Workout

    Episode 13

    This is an INTENSE Pilates core workout! We will be strengthening the Powerhouse by focusing on every element including the internal and external obliques, the rectus abdominis (the six-pack muscles!) and the transverse abdominis, which are the deepest stabilising muscles that give the pelvis it'...

  • Spring Into Summer Stretch & Release

    Episode 14

    This is a beautiful, relaxing, elongating stretch that will help you realign your spine, release any tension in the body and it's also a fantastic reward for all of the hard work you've been doing so far!

  • Resistance Plus Posture Workout

    Episode 15

    In this workout, not only will we be working on strengthening, toning and defining all of the muscles of the upper body throughout the back chest and shoulders, but we will also be significantly improving posture, stability and stamina! All you need is a pair of 1kg (2 lb) hand weights and a mat,...