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Online Retreat

Online Retreat

5 Seasons

Rejuvenate, revitalise and reset with the PBL Online Wellness Retreat. It's included in your membership!
Here you will find your all new daily yoga, meditation and breath work sessions for every single day of the retreat!
You can access the retreat on any device, including the Pilates By Lisa Mobile App. Not a member? You can now also rent or purchase the retreat to keep, simply click on the "Buy Or Rent" tab in the navigation menu.

As a bonus, everyone will receive two free ebooks to enhance the retreat and give you the ultimate experience. Your eBooks are available to download on under "Monday" on the dropdown menu.

Simply click on the drop down menu and select the day to find you daily meditation, yoga and breath work videos. The cumulative time of your daily videos is no longer than 30 minutes, so that you can easily fit these sessions into your day.

Find your haven in the every day.

Online Retreat
  • Breathing Meditation Exercise

    Episode 1

    Box breathing, also known as 4x4 breathing, involves inhaling to a count of four, holding your breath for a count of four, exhaling for four counts, and keeping the lungs empty for a count of four before repeating the same pattern.

    4x4 breath will awaken mind/body awareness, create calm and rele...

  • Unwind and Let Go Yoga

    Episode 2

    Join me on the mat for this peaceful, stress relieving workout. This flowing practice will mobilise and open the spine, hips, shoulders, chest and side body, moving fluidly to unwind and feel open, relaxed at at ease.

  • Detachment Meditation

    Episode 3

    This meditation is all about detachment and living happily in the moment, without relying on any results or perceived success. Having goals and clear intentions gives us purpose and motivation in life, however, our happiness is not dependent on reaching that goal. This meditation is designed to h...

  • PBL Wellness Retreat eBook

    4.03 MB

    Our free Wellness Retreat interactive member’s eBook will guide you on your journey to resetting, releasing and rejuvenating. This eBook will bring awareness to how important self-care is to our wellbeing. Encompasses 5 days of blissful activities and bonus treats to reset, refresh and relax, it ...

  • A Guide To Mindful Meditation

    4.99 MB

    This free member’s eBook will assist you in staying present and living in the moment. It will guide you on focussing, breathing and mind/body awareness. It will also assist you in getting the most out of your meditations and relieving stress right throughout your day.

    Download your copy today. I...