Fit & Focussed Challenge

Fit & Focussed Challenge

8 Seasons

Enjoy the studio experience from the comfort of home with our Fit & Focussed member’s challenge. The best part? It's FREE for all members!

Elevate your home workouts and leave fear, judgement and doubt at the door with brand new, incredible workout videos, bonus moves and challenge eBooks that will leave you feeling amazing and empowered.

In the Drop Down Menu you will find all of your workouts for the 28-day program, including the Bonus workouts for each week. The bonus workouts are to be used as an additional challenge combined with the main workout if you want that little something extra . Simply select the relevant week and complete the allocated workout for that day! The workouts are listed in order from Monday through to Sunday.

You will also find your personal copies of the interactive Fit and Focussed Challenge eBook and the the Pilates by Lisa Recipe eBook under Week One in the drop down menu. Simply click to download, it's free and yours to keep forever!

I can't wait to see you on the mat!

Fit & Focussed Challenge
  • Body Band Burner Workout

    Episode 1

    This full body toning workout takes that amazing Pilates burn we all know and love to the next level! We start with an amazing leg sculpting session to lift, tone and sculpt your butt, followed by some serious abdominal and upper body work. Create definition, lengthen the muscles and strengthen y...

  • Spring Into Summer Standing Routine

    Episode 2

    This workout takes traditional Pilates moves and brings them into an upright position, giving you the perfect combination of strength, stamina, stability and muscle tone!

  • Amazing Arms Open And Release

    Episode 3

    This is an incredible upper body stretching routine that focuses on all of the muscles that we have been working through the Amazing Arms Challenge. We will be stretching and releasing through the pectorials, increasing shoulder mobility, opening the muscles of the back to maintain strength and f...

  • Core With More Workout

    Episode 4

    This is a FANTASTIC ankle weight workout that will tone, sculpt and define the entire Powerhouse! We will be incorporating both classical and contemporary movements and using the ankle weights to our advantage to make the exercises both technically correct and more challenging for the ultimate bu...

  • Butt Blaster Workout

    Episode 5

    This is a short, sharp and sweet workout that you can do lying in a prone position the entire way through to lift, tone and sculpt your butt!

  • Everyday Essentials: Classic Abs

    Episode 6

    This is THE go-to workout if you only have a short amount time to spare and you want a comprehensive Pilates workout that is going to target the entire core, strengthen the Powerhouse and give you a great traditional Pilates workout!

  • Poise & Strength Arm Workout

    Episode 7

    This workout was filmed in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania at the Carlton River. In this workout we are using the resistance band to sculpt, tone and define the upper body, create beautiful poise and posture and also ensure you stand taller and prouder than ever!