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Beginner's 28 Day Schedule

Beginner's 28 Day Schedule

4 Seasons

Never tried Pilates? Start here from the comfort of home!

This is a detailed, comprehensive schedule comprised of full length, fully instructed workouts to build the strongest Pilates foundations possible! We cover form, function, reason and results! Each workout will progress you in your practice and teach you to move your body the way it is meant to be moved. So if you're a beginner and have always wanted to try Pilates, you know someone who would love to kickstart their Pilates routine or you're recovering from an injury or in rehabilitation, this is the ideal schedule!

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Beginner's 28 Day Schedule
  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Eight

    Episode 1

    Today, we are stretching and lengthening the muscles of the hip to create happy healthy hips! Flexible hips are absolutely essential to making progress in the Pilates method. A towel is required for this workout.

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Series Day Nine

    Episode 2

    This session focuses on “internal resistance." Internal resistance means switching on the Powerhouse, waking up your core and conditioning the deep intrinsic muscles that makes Pilates so effective!

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Ten

    Episode 3

    We will be moving your spine through every range of motion, increasing your flexibility so that you can see progress in your Pilates practice! This will also strengthen and define the muscles that surround the spine.

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Eleven

    Episode 4

    Today we will be stretching and releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, chest and upper back. Flexibility in the upper body will allow you to get deeper into all of the Pilates exercises and improve progress!

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Twelve

    Episode 5

    Today we will be performing a full body workout incorporating the exercises and techniques we have been learning. We will be progressively building up the repetitions over the next three workouts in this program!

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Thirteen

    Episode 6

    Today, we are building on what we did yesterday, increasing the repetitions to six per exercise, slowly and gradually building your endurance, strength and technique!

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Fourteen

    Episode 7

    Today we are increasing our repetitions just a little, evening out the pace, smoothing out the transitions and giving you a FANTASTIC full body workout that will leave you feeling accomplished!