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Beginner's 28 Day Schedule

Beginner's 28 Day Schedule

4 Seasons

Never tried Pilates? Start here from the comfort of home!

This is a detailed, comprehensive schedule comprised of full length, fully instructed workouts to build the strongest Pilates foundations possible! We cover form, function, reason and results! Each workout will progress you in your practice and teach you to move your body the way it is meant to be moved. So if you're a beginner and have always wanted to try Pilates, you know someone who would love to kickstart their Pilates routine or you're recovering from an injury or in rehabilitation, this is the ideal schedule!

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Beginner's 28 Day Schedule
  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day One

    Episode 1

    This Day One workout is going to go over all of the fundamentals required for the Pilates mat work. We are going to cover establishing neutral spine, correctly engaging your "Powerhouse" and breathing technique.

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Two

    Episode 2

    Day Two is just a very slight progression from day one, it's all about making small changes that will piece together to give you the strongest foundation possible!

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Three

    Episode 3

    Today we are going to do some more slight progressions on the exercises that we have been practicing, so that you can see exactly how all of these fundamental movements apply to every single exercise.

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Four

    Episode 4

    It's now time to focus on the stretches and flexibility you need to progress to that next level. We will be performing the same exercises, however this time transforming the active movements into a stretch.

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Five

    Episode 5

    Today we are working the entire Powerhouse with the Series Of Five. We will focus on the traditional transitions, the flow of movement and the technique required to make these five exercises seamless!

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Six

    Episode 6

    Today’s workout focuses on the back extensors. Working these muscles not only builds a well-supported spine, but also increases your core strength to give you a balanced, strong Powerhouse.

  • Kickstart Your Pilates Day Seven

    Episode 7

    Today, we will be focusing on the glutes, which are an underlying muscle that supports the pelvis and the hip joints, keeps the pelvis well aligned, supports the lower back and also promotes knee health.