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Spring Into Summer Challenge

Spring Into Summer Challenge

4 Seasons

Our all NEW “Spring Into Summer Online Challenge” is here!

Need to “glow up” your workout routine? Get ready to switch it up and re-energise with our exciting "Spring into Summer" Pilates Challenge. It's time to fire up your fitness journey and embrace the warmer seasons with a stronger, more balanced you!

You'll have 24/7 unlimited access to fresh, invigorating Pilates workouts straight from any device thanks to our web-based platform as well as our FREE Apple mobile app, available to all members. Enjoy a perfect blend of classic moves and innovative techniques designed to sculpt, tone and renew from head to toe!
Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts with Pilates By Lisa Facebook Forum. Share your journey, celebrate your milestones and draw inspiration from the collective strength around you!

All members will also receive the FREE Spring Into Summer Interactive eBook to accompany your journey, with a complete workout schedule, bonus moves, articles, interactive goal setting and motivational tools and so much more!

So, why wait? Let's make this Summer all about your wellness journey! Jump into action and Spring into Summer with our Online Pilates Challenge. Start your transformation today and get ready to feel the difference tomorrow!

Spring Into Summer Challenge
  • Spring Into Summer Upper Body

    Episode 1

    Get a beautifully defined upper body just in time for Summer with this unique, challenging workout! You will feel amazing when you hit the beach this season looking toned and incredibly fit! I’ve put a new twist on some of your favourite moves!

  • Everyday Essentials: The Clam

    Episode 2

    This is my all time favourite "go-to" exercise to lift, tone and sculpt the butt and slim the outer thighs! So if you're short on time and you need a FANTASTIC butt workout, this is your new go-to essential video!

  • Spring Into Summer Lean Lower Body

    Episode 3

    This is a fantastic side lying series that will really sculpt and tone your legs!
    The perfect Summertime preparation and one of my favourite from the "Spring Into Summer" Series!

  • Toned in 10 Full Body

    Episode 4

    Tone, strengthen and define your entire body in this amazing 10 minute sculpting workout! We start with a leg series that burns and firms the glutes, hamstrings and quads, whilst the abdominal series creates a rock hard core. You will finish with arm work that creates a beautifully defined upper ...

  • Spring Into Summer Abs, Butts And Thighs

    Episode 5

    We will be working through your entire midsection and lower body to really sculpt and tone your perfect beach body.

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Complete Body

    Episode 6

    This amazing complete body stretching session is going to incorporate everything we've learned over the past six workouts throughout the program to make a comprehensive complete body routine!
    We will start in standing and perform amazing movements that stretch the spine, upper body and the entir...

  • Spring Into Summer Arms With Weights

    Episode 7

    This workout is going to be challenging in several different ways! We are going to be sculpting and firming the upper body, challenging your core stability and working the lower body hard to give you a complete, comprehensive workout and get that body Summer ready!

  • Side Cincher Workout

    Episode 8

    We will be working deep into our obliques, gluteals and outer thighs to cinch, tone and strengthen the outline of your body!
    This is a fun, challenging session, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  • Spring Into Summer Legs

    Episode 9

    Hit the beach with confidence this season, knowing you have the HOTTEST Pilates bod going around! This workout will tone your butt, thighs and create length and definition!

  • Glow Stretch

    Episode 10

    This is a nice, simple and effective stretching routine to finish the week with after all of our hard work! We will be focusing on the main trouble areas: spinal mobility, hip flexibility and hamstring length to give you a well-rounded 5-minute flexibility boost!

  • Spring Into Summer Powerhouse Workout

    Episode 11

    Joseph Pilates famously said that his Pilates workouts were like an internal shower, cleansing your entire system.
    This is the focus of this challenging core workout; to really Spring clean your body whilst firming and sculpting your Powerhouse.

    A comprehensive workout you will want to return ...

  • Sculpt & Shred Arm Workout

    Episode 12

    We will be using our 1kg (2 lb) hand weights in this workout to sculpt and shred every inch of your upper body! Not only will you be stronger, but you will stand taller and prouder than ever before!

  • Spring Into Summer Stretch

    Episode 13

    Create a long, lean Pilates body with this stretching routine. Strengthen, stretch and define your entire body with these rejuvenating moves that are perfect to invigorate your mind and body.

  • New You Abdominals

    Episode 14

    We filmed this workout in the incredible Joshua Tree National Park in California! We have put a fun, challenging twist on classic moves to really sculpt, tone and define your entire waistline!