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PBL Super Challenge

PBL Super Challenge

3 Seasons

Welcome to 21 days of workouts and bonus moves that will get you feeling strong AND amazing!

We've combined our members' favourite Challenges to bring you the best of the best, the PBL Super Challenge. Every member gets THREE FREE personal copies of the Super Challenge interactive eBooks to download and keep forever! Each Week has a brand new schedule and downloadable eBook, you can start your first week right now!

Every week you will find the workouts set out with the daily main workout followed by the corresponding bonus workout. This means the playlist will automatically play the bonus workout after you complete your main workout. For a detailed schedule, please refer to your weekly eBook.

I'm excited to join you all for this Program that you can repeat as often as you like, it's going to be SUPER and it's included in your membership!

PBL Super Challenge
  • PBL Super Challenge 2023

    Episode 1


    The best of the best in one effective challenge.

  • Super Challenge 2023 Interactive Week One eBook

    16.4 MB

  • Hip Booster

    Episode 2

    This workout video is designed to sculpt the hamstrings and elevate your butt with targeted, toning moves!

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Quadriceps

    Episode 3

    This workout routine focuses on stretching, lengthening and elongating the largest muscle group in the body, the quadriceps! We will be working our way from standing all the way down to the mat to stretch out every muscle from every possible angle!

    Activities such as running, lifting heavy weigh...

  • Upper Body Band Workout

    Episode 4

    In this workout we will be in a standing position the entire way through with our PBL Long resistance band to sculpt and strengthen the entire upper body! This workout is an absolute burner, I absolutely LOVE it and I hope you do too!

  • Amazing Arms Open And Release

    Episode 5

    This is an incredible upper body stretching routine that focuses on all of the muscles that we have been working through the Amazing Arms Challenge. We will be stretching and releasing through the pectorials, increasing shoulder mobility, opening the muscles of the back to maintain strength and f...

  • Adore Your Core: Obliques

    Episode 6

    In this workout we will be focusing on the internal and external obliques, which comprises half of the entire Powerhouse! They are such a crucial element of the core as they control rotation, assist in aligning the spine and play an important role in the correct positioning of the pelvis.

  • Glow Legs

    Episode 7

    This workout will be performed in a four-point kneeling position, targeting the glutes and hamstrings for a fantastic, effective lower-body workout! No equipment is needed, so let's get started!

  • Love Your Legs Amplified: Magic Circle

    Episode 8

    Today we will be working the magic circle to not only strengthen and tone the inner thighs, glutes, outer thighs, and hamstrings but also for correcting technique! There is nothing like the magic circle for keeping you honest, aligned and in check, if you are even a millimetre out of alignment th...

  • Love Your Legs Amplified: Deep Tissue Massage

    Episode 9

    In this workout we will be using the foam roller to rest, restore and recover, getting deep into the tissues and muscles with this invigorating massage technique so we can release and relax the entire body!

  • Full Body Band Workout

    Episode 10

    In this workout we are using the PBL Long Resistance Band to sculpt, tone, define and strengthen the entire body, from head to toe! Get ready for a challenging, efficient complete body routine that will leave you feeling strong and stretched!

  • Glow Stretch

    Episode 11

    This is a nice, simple and effective stretching routine to finish the week with after all of our hard work! We will be focusing on the main trouble areas: spinal mobility, hip flexibility and hamstring length to give you a well-rounded 5-minute flexibility boost!

  • Adore Your Core: Lower Abs Workout

    Episode 12

    This workout focuses on the transverse abdominals, the deep stabilising muscles that help to stabilise the pelvis, strengthen the entire powerhouse and support the entire spine! You will also dramatically strengthen the pelvic floor by learning how to engage and strengthen this small but mighty g...

  • Hamstring Booster

    Episode 13

    Sculpt your hamstrings and elevate your butt with
    targeted, toning moves!

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Complete Body

    Episode 14

    This amazing complete body stretching session is going to incorporate everything we've learned over the past six workouts throughout the program to make a comprehensive complete body routine!
    We will start in standing and perform amazing movements that stretch the spine, upper body and the entir...

  • Glow Abs Workout

    Episode 15

    This 5-minute core workout packs some serious punch! We will be working the entire core with flexion and rotational movements that are approachable for all levels. Let's get started!