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A calm mind is a perfect compliment to a fit body. Discover mindfulness, focus your physical and spiritual self, and experience calm with our PBL meditations. Release stress, rest the mind, focus your thoughts and relax the body. Reflect, contemplate and re-set yourself away from everyday life with me and experience the benefits of practicing meditation!

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  • Intention Meditation

    This meditation is all about setting a morning intention. This is an opportunity to plan your direction for the day, at the very start of it.
    You can think of this intention as your own inner compass,  returning to it throughout the day so you can get your bearings and staying on track. Join me i...

  • Breathing Meditation Exercise

    Box breathing, also known as 4x4 breathing, involves inhaling to a count of four, holding your breath for a count of four, exhaling for four counts, and keeping the lungs empty for a count of four before repeating the same pattern.

    4x4 breath will awaken mind/body awareness, create calm and rele...

  • Clarity Meditation

    Simplify your life for a calmer, peaceful experience. So much of our uncertainty and feelings of overwhelm arises from choice. We are so lucky to have choices, however, when we strip back these options and reduce the complexity in our lives, we experience more clarity.

  • Effort & Ease Meditation

    This meditation is all about finding the natural ease within meditating, whilst also applying the gentle effort required to show up for your practice consistently. The concept of meditation invokes a sense of ease and effortlessness, and while this is what we are trying to achieve, the dedication...

  • Gratitude Meditation

    This meditation is all about discovering gratitude for the simple things. The more we focus on the things we appreciate and have in our lives, the easier it is for us to move away from feelings of discontent, disappointment and frustration.

  • Detachment Meditation

    This meditation is all about detachment and living happily in the moment, without relying on any results or perceived success. Having goals and clear intentions gives us purpose and motivation in life, however, our happiness is not dependent on reaching that goal. This meditation is designed to h...

  • Mindfulness Practice

    This meditation is centred around the practice of mindfulness, increasing your focus, and settling the body and mind.
    We are training our mind to be in the present so that we are calmer, more mindful and more present in every moment of our lives. Use this meditation when you find the mind wanderi...

  • Morning Meditation

    This morning meditation is the ultimate way to start your morning routine and create a habit that will set you up for a successful, happy and inspiring day ahead. Find a quiet space and get comfortable. Take a deep breath in and prepare!

  • Inner Peace Meditation

    This meditation is all about finding a moment of heavenly peace in the busyness of everyday life. Take a moment with me to breathe, relax and embrace stillness to bring some calm and presence into the day.

  • Night Time Meditation

    Take a moment to tune into your body with this guided night time meditation. Take yourself on an internal journey to reduce your day's stress and anxiety and take a mindful moment to progress into a calm, restful night. Prepare yourself for a deep, enhanced sleep.

  • Anxiety Meditation

    This meditation is designed for those times when anxiety takes hold and we need to calm the mind, focus our thoughts, renew our energy and relieve stress. This guided meditation will take you on a journey to de-clutter your mind.