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Fit & Focussed Challenge

Fit & Focussed Challenge

8 Seasons

Enjoy the studio experience from the comfort of home with our Fit & Focussed member’s challenge. The best part? It's FREE for all members!

Elevate your home workouts and leave fear, judgement and doubt at the door with our incredible "Fit & Focussed" workout videos plus a curated selection of our most effective streaming workouts, bonus moves and challenge eBooks that will leave you feeling amazing and empowered.

We have four weeks packed with incredible workouts for the Fit & Focussed Challenge, ⁣PLUS there are daily bonus moves included in the FREE eBook that will take results to the next level. The eBook also includes the schedule, motivational tools, articles, tips, and the BEST's ALL included in your membership!

I can't wait to see you on the mat!

Fit & Focussed Challenge
  • Fit & Focussed 2023 Challenge eBook

    13.8 MB

    Welcome to the Fit & Focussed Challenge! Here you will find your personal copy of the FREE challenge eBook that will take results to the next level. Along with your daily bonus moves, the eBook also includes the entire 28 day challenge schedule, motivational tools, articles, tips, and the BEST pa...

  • Fit And Focussed Back Butt And Triceps

    Episode 1

    In this incredibly effective workout, we will be working in a prone position to strengthen and tone the entire posterior chain. The goal of this session is promoting upper body strength, creating healthy back extensors and toning the glutes and hamstrings! All you need is your mat, let's get star...

  • Fit & Focused Leg Workout

    Episode 2

    Today we are hitting the mat to really focus in on the lower body, getting fit, toned and most of all feeling strong, confident and incredible!

  • Fit And Focussed Complete Body

    Episode 3

    Today we are working on powering up the Powerhouse, increasing stamina and definition in the lower body and increasing strength in the upper body with the assistance of hand weights!

  • Fit And Focused Core Workout

    Episode 4

    This core workout is specifically designed to strengthen, tone and define every element of the Powerhouse! Using powerful, slow, controlled movements will give the muscles the time under tension they need to strengthen and get sculpted!

  • Fit And Focussed Legs With Band

    Episode 5

    In this workout we will be utilising the PBL Long Resistance Band to work the entire lower body. We will commence the session with a standing segment that will challenge your balance, proprioception and work both the larger global and small intrinsic muscles. We will then move down to the mat for...

  • Fit And Focused Arm Workout

    Episode 6

    Today we are working with the resistance band to get fit, have fun and focus in on sculpting, toning and defining the entire upper body!
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  • Fit And Focussed Stretch Routine

    Episode 7

    The objective of this session is to lengthen, strengthen and soothe the entire body. This is a beautiful, relaxing session that will make you feel like you've had a full body massage! For some of the exercises I will be using the PBL Resistance band, if you do not have one, no problem! You can us...