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Beginner's 28 Day Schedule

Beginner's 28 Day Schedule

4 Seasons

Never tried Pilates? Start here from the comfort of home!

This is a detailed, comprehensive schedule comprised of full length, fully instructed workouts to build the strongest Pilates foundations possible! We cover form, function, reason and results! Each workout will progress you in your practice and teach you to move your body the way it is meant to be moved. So if you're a beginner and have always wanted to try Pilates, you know someone who would love to kickstart their Pilates routine or you're recovering from an injury or in rehabilitation, this is the ideal schedule!

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Beginner's 28 Day Schedule
  • Target Your Trouble Zone Back Pain

    Episode 1

    Tight, stiff lower backs are a common occurrence due to long working hours sitting at desks, standing on our feet and lifting heavy objects. To counteract this we need to stretch, lengthen and strengthen our entire body, particularly the hamstrings, back extensors, abdominals and deep stabilising...

  • Beginners Flow Workout

    Episode 2

    This is a fantastic workout to do if you are just getting started with Pilates, if you're easing yourself back into it or you just want a nice, gentle, full-body conditioning workout! Get strong, lean, toned and aligned with perfect form and technique!

  • Neck Rehabilitation Stretch Routine

    Episode 3

    If you’ve ever suffered from neck pain you know how truly debilitating it can be. These stretches are designed to completely realign the cervical spine through the neck and ensure that everything is in it’s correct alignment. We will be lengthening and stretching all of the neck extensor muscles ...

  • Neck Friendly Workout

    Episode 4

    When you are suffering from neck pain there is nothing more frustrating, especially when it prevents you from doing your workout. I've designed this workout especially for those of you who are enduring neck pain and injury but still want to get your workout in. There is absolutely no flexion or s...

  • Everyday Essentials: The Clam

    Episode 5

    This is my all time favourite "go-to" exercise to lift, tone and sculpt the butt and slim the outer thighs! So if you're short on time and you need a FANTASTIC butt workout, this is your new go-to essential video!

  • Target Your Trouble Zone Perfect Your Posture

    Episode 6

  • Kickstart Your Day

    Episode 7

    This is for those mornings where you need that energy boost to kickstart your day and get off to the best start possible!
    Join me for an energising stretching routine that will make you feel incredible and ready to tackle your day!