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BabyBody 28 Day Program

BabyBody 28 Day Program

4 Seasons

Enjoy time on the mat with your growing bump! Our 28 day Babybody Schedule will guide you through a safe, informative and effective journey right throughout your pregnancy and beyond. As your body changes over the next 9 months join me to stay fit, relaxed, feeling energetic and fantastic!

BabyBody 28 Day Program
  • Perfect Pregnancy Stretch Routine

    Episode 1

    These are some of my absolute favourite go-to stretches from throughout my own pregnancy that leave my body feeling fantastic. I always feel relaxed but invigorated, really released and lengthened, it's just an all-round feel good workout. You can do this workout throughout any trimester of your ...

  • PBL LIVE 38: Prenatal Sculpt

    Episode 2

    Today we will be doing a prenatal sculpting class. We will be working with our 1kg hand weights to sculpt, tone and define through the upper body giving us beautiful posture and balance.
    We’re going to be working on the core performing safe and effective exercises to strengthen right throughout t...

  • Prenatal Morning Flow Yoga

    Episode 3

    This the perfect session to get your morning off to the best start possible. You'll feel energised yet relaxed, you'll feel lengthened, strong, toned and ready to take on the day with you and your baby!

  • PBL LIVE 37: Prenatal Band Workout

    Episode 4

    This full-length workout is a sculpting, toning, complete body prenatal routine with the band. This workout will give you just the right amount of cardiovascular fitness, muscle strengthening, and toning and also total body lengthening! At the time of filming, I was 22 weeks pregnant, however, yo...

  • Bouncing Baby Ball Prenatal Workout

    Episode 5

    Today's workout will focus on the fitness ball to not only sculpt and tone our muscles but also give the pelvis, spine, and joints the ultimate support that they require as we continue to change and grow! I was 20 weeks at the time of filming, however, this is suitable for all trimesters and all ...

  • Prenatal Yoga Program: Hip Opening Routine

    Episode 6

    Part of the reason our body produces so much of the hormone relaxing during pregnancy is due to the need to open up and widen through the hips to prepare us for birth! The perfect way to assist this is through Yoga, opening, stretching and releasing through the hip joints and through the pelvic a...

  • Prenatal Yoga Program: Complete Body

    Episode 7

    This session will leave you feeling invigorated, energised, lengthened and strong so you are ready to take on the day ahead! It's the perfect balance of stretching and strengthening so that you are getting the perfect workout for you and baby too! All you need for this workout is a mat, two optio...