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BabyBody 28 Day Program

BabyBody 28 Day Program

4 Seasons

Enjoy time on the mat with your growing bump! Our 28 day Babybody Schedule will guide you through a safe, informative and effective journey right throughout your pregnancy and beyond. As your body changes over the next 9 months join me to stay fit, relaxed, feeling energetic and fantastic!

BabyBody 28 Day Program
  • Prenatal Yoga Program: Perfect Start Morning Routine

    Episode 1

    This is the ULTIMATE start to the day! We are going to stretch and lengthen out the entire body, boost circulation and leave you feeling fresh, invigorated and ready for the day ahead! This routine is suitable right throughout every trimester, so kickstart every morning with me on the mat and fee...

  • PBL LIVE 36: Prenatal Flow

    Episode 2

    Today's session is a prenatal friendly full-body flow, we are going to be gently working on our core strength with a variety of safe, effective movements that will strengthen the Powerhouse, we will also be strengthening the entire lower body and sculpting the upper body with the addition of 1kg ...

  • Babe And Booty Prenatal Workout

    Episode 3

    Whether you are pregnant or not, you will LOVE this incredible booty workout! We will be using the PBL booty band to sculpt, tone and define the entire lower body and strengthening the deep stabilising muscles we need to support the pelvis, strengthen the pelvic floor and continue to strengthen a...

  • Prenatal Yoga Program: Bedtime Routine

    Episode 4

    This is the ultimate routine to do just before bedtime if you've been having trouble sleeping throughout pregnancy, which is very common! This will help you to relax, unwind, and get ready for a great night of sleep. You can do this routine right throughout every trimester, it will become and abs...

  • Prenatal PBL LIVE 44: Yoga Flow

    Episode 5

    This amazing 60 minute Yoga flow is an incredible time to connect with your baby, invigorate your entire body, relax and release any tension, and treat yourself to something just for you and baby!

  • Strength And Poise Posture Workout

    Episode 6

    As our bellies continue to expand, we tend to adopt a kyphotic posture with rounded shoulders to compensate for the extra weight we are carrying, throwing us completely out of alignment! This workout is designed to counteract this, we are conditioning the core, opening up and strengthening the ch...

  • Prenatal Yoga Program: Heart Opening Routine

    Episode 7

    This session is designed to really open up the heart chakra by stretching, opening and releasing the entire upper body! This will not only greatly assist you in maintaining optimal posture throughout pregnancy, but also open the heart chakra so you can openly give and receive love!