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7 Day Plan

7 Day Plan

4 Seasons

Welcome to your weekly workout schedule! Here you will find all of the scheduled workouts for the week so you can easily see your week ahead and plan your workouts with ease and convenience!
These workouts are personally curated by Lisa to ensure you get maximum results and the most effective workout possible! The videos in each of the four schedules in the drop down menu are ordered Monday through to Sunday. Just simply click the drop down menu, choose which schedule you'd like to browse and get ready to workout! It's all set out for you!

Do one, two, three or even all four workouts, the choice is yours! Mix and match them as you like with the confidence that you are getting a well-rounded, comprehensive workout routine. See you on the mat!

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7 Day Plan
  • PBL LIVE 11: Overball

    Episode 1

    Today we will be working with the overball to sculpt, tone and define the entire body. You will discover just how the overball can both enhance and assist the movements, aligning your body, providing resistance and giving you a fantastic full body workout!

  • PBL LIVE 3: Hand Weights

    Episode 2

    Welcome back to PBL Live! Today we will be using the hand weights to not only enhance the workout and sculpt, tone and redefine your body, but also assist you in many of the exercises! For this workout you will need 1kg (2 lb) hand weights.

  • PBL LIVE 9: Ring

    Episode 3

    Today we are working out with the magic circle! This is such a versatile piece of equipment, not only does it work every single muscle in your body, but you will also discover just how effective the ring is for re-aligning the body and getting you into your perfect position. there is NO room for ...

  • PBL LIVE 18: Matwork

    Episode 4

    Today we are focusing on the principle of flow, seamless transitions that will give you an amazing Pilates workout! We are making sure that there are no repetitions, but just one long, continuous, effective flow!

  • PBL LIVE 23: Matwork

    Episode 5

    In today's workout we will be sculpting, firming and toning the entire body, firing up the Powerhouse, toning, lengthening and strengthening the entire upper body and slimming down the lower body!

  • PBL LIVE 21: Matwork

    Episode 6

    Today we are going to be doing an intense, fun and effective workout using the resistance band. We are going to be shaping, sculpting and stretching out every inch of your body using this incredibly versatile and portable piece of equipment!

  • PBL LIVE 28: Magic Circle

    Episode 7

    Today we are focusing on core engagement, utilising the Magic Circle to facilitate the strength and control of the Powerhouse. We will be strengthening the core, toning and defining the inner and outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps whilst also working deep into the back extensor muscl...