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7 Day Plan

7 Day Plan

4 Seasons

Welcome to your weekly workout schedule! Here you will find all of the scheduled workouts for the week so you can easily see your week ahead and plan your workouts with ease and convenience! These workouts are personally curated by Lisa to ensure you get maximum results and the most effective workout possible! The videos in each of the four schedules in the drop down menu are ordered Monday through to Sunday. Just simply click the drop down menu, choose which schedule you'd like to browse and get ready to workout! It's all set out for you!

Do one, two, three or even all four workouts, the choice is yours! Mix and match them as you like with the confidence that you are getting a well-rounded, comprehensive workout routine. See you on the mat!

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7 Day Plan
  • Love Your Legs Amplified: Sculpt & Shred

    Episode 1

    Today's workout will incorporate 1 kg ankle weights to sculpt and shred the entire lower body! We will be working on the glutes and hamstrings and sculpting and toning the inner and outer thighs!

  • Abs In British Columbia

    Episode 2

    This week we're in beautiful Stanley Park, Vancouver City. Building your core strength is as easy as ABC. We'll be working on your Abs, Building your core and defining your entire Centre! This was such a fun workout to put together and film for you, I hope you love it as much as I do!

  • Band Burner Workout

    Episode 3

    Feel the ultimate burn using our fabric resistance bands with this all-firming, all-burning, lower body blast!
    This is a fantastic targeted toning workout to build added strength and take your workouts up a notch! Let's go to the next level!

    You can also use your regular resistance bands for thi...

  • Back Strength Ball Workout

    Episode 4

    In this workout we will be using the overball to engage and enhance the all important back extensor muscles! This will improve posture, align the spine and also define and tone every inch of the back of the body! Not only does the ball provide resistance for incredible toning results, but it also...

  • Fit And Focused Core Workout

    Episode 5

    This core workout is specifically designed to strengthen, tone and define every element of the Powerhouse! Using powerful, slow, controlled movements will give the muscles the time under tension they need to strengthen and get sculpted!

  • Abs Butt & Triceps Workout

    Episode 6

    This workout was a special request from one of our amazing members. The request was for a focused, targeted workout that hits all of those trouble spots just right! Ask and you shall receive! This session will tighten and tone your butt, sculpt your abs and define your arms all in one! I had fun ...

  • Daily Stretch Yoga

    Episode 7

    This is the perfect routine to increase flexibility, reduce stress and increase longevity of both the body and the mind. This is a beautiful, stretchy practice, we will move through gentle seated stretches, invigorating twists, and relaxing asanas to help you feel open, calm, and spacious.