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7 Day Plan

7 Day Plan

4 Seasons

Welcome to your weekly workout schedule! Here you will find all of the scheduled workouts for the week so you can easily see your week ahead and plan your workouts with ease and convenience!
These workouts are personally curated by Lisa to ensure you get maximum results and the most effective workout possible! The videos in each of the four schedules in the drop down menu are ordered Monday through to Sunday. Just simply click the drop down menu, choose which schedule you'd like to browse and get ready to workout! It's all set out for you!

Do one, two, three or even all four workouts, the choice is yours! Mix and match them as you like with the confidence that you are getting a well-rounded, comprehensive workout routine. See you on the mat!

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7 Day Plan
  • May Makeover Leg Blast Routine

    Episode 1

    This workout is going to blast the inner thighs, outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings and quads so you are trimming, toning and defining the entire lower body! All you need is your mat, let’s get started!

  • May Makeover Waistline Workout

    Episode 2

    Today we will be working deep into the intrinsic muscles of the powerhouse, particularly the internal and external obliques, to really sculpt and tone through the waistline and the entire powerhouse. All you'll need is your mat so let's get started!

  • May Makeover Definition Arms

    Episode 3

    Today we will be working with 1kg hand weights to really tone and define through the upper body, correct posture and ensure you stand tall and proud! Let's get started!

  • May Makeover: Total Body

    Episode 4

    The sequence of today's workout really works effectively to create a beautiful flow to work the entire body through the core, the lower body, the upper body to improve your posture... no area will be left untouched! All you'll need is your mat, so let's get started!

  • May Makeover Refined Legs Workout

    Episode 5

    Today we'll be working in a prone and side lying position to really target and tone the glutes, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs to ensure we're really working the entire leg. We will not only be toning the legs but also helping with hip function and knee stability.

  • May Makeover: Athletic Abs

    Episode 6

    In this workout we will be performing a circuit of exercises to really FIRE up the entire Powerhouse and sculpt, strengthen and tone every muscle! I absolutely love this routine, and I know you will too!

  • May Makeover Sublime Stretch

    Episode 7

    In this session, we will be releasing, stretching, and lengthening every single muscle in the body using my all-time favourite Pilates stretches! You are going to feel simply sublime after this stretch!