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Love Your Legs Program

Love Your Legs Program

This is the ultimate 7 day workout program to sculpt, tone and define your lower body and get your booty in the best shape of it's life!  Achieve the strong, athletic lower body Pilates is famous for! This program consists of 7 dynamic, full length, fully instructed workouts that you can do again and again to get your lower body looking AND feeling amazing!

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Love Your Legs Program
  • Butt Booster

    An effective, challenging routine that targets the glutes to sculpt and tone!

  • Inner Thigh Booster

    Tone and define the entire midline. This workout will also strengthen the knee joint!

  • Hamstring Booster

    Sculpt your hamstrings and elevate your butt with
    targeted, toning moves!

  • Hip Booster

    This workout video is designed to sculpt the hamstrings and elevate your butt with targeted, toning moves!

  • Bridge Booster

    Bridge your way to a better behind. Resistance band is optional!

  • Definition Booster

    The added resistance of weights will tone and define
    the entire leg! This workout is an AMAZING leg booster!

  • Flexibility Booster

    A combination of standing and seated stretches to
    lengthen the entire body!