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Fit & Focussed Challenge

Fit & Focussed Challenge

8 Seasons

Enjoy the studio experience from the comfort of home with our Fit & Focussed member’s challenge. The best part? It's FREE for all members!

Elevate your home workouts and leave fear, judgement and doubt at the door with brand new, incredible workout videos, bonus moves and challenge eBooks that will leave you feeling amazing and empowered.

In the Drop Down Menu you will find all of your workouts for the 28-day program, including the Bonus workouts for each week. The bonus workouts are to be used as an additional challenge combined with the main workout if you want that little something extra . Simply select the relevant week and complete the allocated workout for that day! The workouts are listed in order from Monday through to Sunday.

You will also find your personal copies of the interactive Fit and Focussed Challenge eBook and the the Pilates by Lisa Recipe eBook under Week One in the drop down menu. Simply click to download, it's free and yours to keep forever!

I can't wait to see you on the mat!

Fit & Focussed Challenge
  • Fit & Focussed 2022 Challenge.

    Episode 1

    Get the ultimate start to the new year and enjoy the studio experience from the comfort of home with our Fit & Focussed member’s challenge. The best part? It's FREE for all members!

    Our 28 Day Challenge starts January 3rd, it's all about getting fit, having fun and focussing on YOU!

    Elevate you...

  • Fit And Focussed Member eBook

    7.26 MB

    The Fit And Focussed Challenge eBook is the perfect companion for our all-new 28 day challenge! Comprised of a full workout schedule, weekly bonus moves, interactive guide and inspiring articles. The eBooks are 100% FREE and they're yours to keep forever!

  • Fit And Focussed Recipe eBook

    5.97 MB

    Introducing the Fit & Focussed Recipe eBook, direct from the PBL kitchen to you! These recipes are designed for busy people on the who want to follow a simple, delicious and
    nutritious approach to their eating! Healthy eating will give you more energy, improve sleep and leave you feeling sati...

  • New You Butt Firmer

    Episode 2

    In this incredible routine, we will be working from a side-lying position with the resistance band to completely sculpt, tone, lift and firm the entire lower body! The glutes, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs will be challenged and transformed, get ready to work that band!

  • New You Abdominals

    Episode 3

    We filmed this workout in the incredible Joshua Tree National Park in California! We have put a fun, challenging twist on classic moves to really sculpt, tone and define your entire waistline!

  • Fit And Focused Arm Workout

    Episode 4

    Today we are working with the resistance band to get fit, have fun and focus in on sculpting, toning and defining the entire upper body!
    Want the PBL resistance band? Check it out at the shop!

  • Fit And Focussed Legs With Band

    Episode 5

    In this workout we will be utilising the PBL Long Resistance Band to work the entire lower body. We will commence the session with a standing segment that will challenge your balance, proprioception and work both the larger global and small intrinsic muscles. We will then move down to the mat for...

  • New You Redefining Upper Body

    Episode 6

    In this workout we will be working with 1kg (2 lb) hand weights to strengthen your upper body, improve your posture and give you strength, grace and poise!

  • New You Leg Toner

    Episode 7

    We are going to be working our legs from every possible angle to sculpt, tone and define every inch of the lower body!

  • New You Flexibility Flow

    Episode 8

    In this workout, we will be focusing on enhancing and advancing flexibility by moving the body through its entire range of motion! There will be a concentration on lengthening the lower body, stretching and lengthening through the spine and also opening and releasing the chest and shoulders. You ...